Pain is not that far...

All the world shows nothing to me
they are just voices and faces
beautifully written scripts in an absurd play
and in the end the ones heartbroken turn into needles in a hay
as you point your finger to the sky like a joyful infant
you realise that there is no sky blue anymore
only the thoughts are so blue
and Mona Lisa smiles are sorrowful too.

All the poets in the world gathered in a dirty garage
to spill and play and drink and dance
and write some tales about love and a chance
a chance to be a kid again,a chance to not betray
and if I were there with them, I'd write my lyrics to say
how it feels to be a loner searching for a home
how it feels to play bohemian and being a rolling stone.

Somewhere out there there is someone dying
and in my ears I can hear helpless screams of pain
a hand dives in the water and searches for life
but water smells death, this power outliving time
Two high heels thrown out of a window, a lady just became stray
and a man laying his hands on her is not ready to pay
hear my words,wherever you are,pain is not that far...

Poetry by Eva
Read 882 times
Written on 2009-04-12 at 21:37

Tags Pain  Sad  Sorrow 

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