Gathering Dust

I write poems
so that some day
in the far off
not too present future,
when even my tombstone
has turned to chalk dust,
and the worms' great grandworms
have forgotten all about them,
someone will find
a few of my words,
congealed in a poem,
floating in the ether
or gathering bookshop dust.

They'll read my poem,
and smile,
or frown,
wondering who it was
that had written
this lost curiosity,
and they'll notice my name,
mispronounce it,
and picture
a far, far more handsome poet
than I ever was.

Poetry by Rapscallion
Read 683 times
Written on 2009-04-14 at 03:55

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lol that should be 'MY beautiful butt.!!!lol could be poetic justice ringing though.

lol x

They certainly would not be able to picture a more talented poet Rap!lol Glorious poem and a wonderful thought put forth in our far off distant present, when we will be up there watch, chatting with Byron, Keats and possibly shakespeare, if he has heard about your talent and beautiful butt!lol No gathering dust up there.

Loving this poem. and the worms grat grandworms will be fine specimins in poetic feed.

Smiling at you