...after discoverin this site...I forgot all else, its all i do on the computer!Then it got 'worse' .... now its all I do the entire day!!

Addicted(To Poetbay)

My love has grown,
to poetic addiction.
My peers have known,
from honest admission.
I'm greatly afflicted....
Affectionately addicted.

I savour the sweetness,
Of works well thought.
The love..the bitterness,
This world has brought.
Another wound inflicted...
Infinitely addicted.

When night falls,
I have no access
To this poetic calls.
I calm without success,
My symptoms depicted...
as Deeply addicted.

High esteem,I have you held
Angela,Mexican and Munro Liz
And all others in cool poetic breeze
If you persisted....
I will remain,
Pretty Addicted.

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 1039 times
Written on 2006-02-01 at 11:05

Tags Poetry 

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Sounds like a loud echo from the depths of my soul for barely did i join and indeed was addicted too. Very well written and expressed.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I have to be careful because I have study starting next week that i ACTUALLY study.
because the site sorry my friends on this site
are so wonderful.

Celtic boy
I loved this poem! (and not because I got a mention) ;-)

I have to agree, the site is very addictive, and so many good things to choose from make it too hard to log off again. Well said! :)

...i knew that this day would come to you, when you'd admit that you're addicted too...this is a most enjoyable work of poetic artistry...

Me too! lol. Except I can only get to a computer at certain points, so I wait anxiously until that point comes. lol. Wow, awesome write

Yup! This here's a work well thought

This sums up the feelings of most of us I think,you are a pleasure to read ,keep it up :-))