Reflections and recollections!!!

You have no idea!!!

The challenge is not to write,
The challenge is to translate,
What your mind speaks,
What your heart feels,
And what your gut can actually take,

Honesty is the most beautiful rock,
It's firm and smooth all at once,
And it stares at you in all shapes,
And in all directions,
And yet, needs no words for it is truth, incarnate,

There is no 'one' , but 'all',
Is just the fact that everything and everyone,
Needs a front-man/woman,
And they've gotta look doing it,
And oh yes, say it well, say it right,

The roads, paths and forest,
We make in our lives,
Are measured by the desire and determination,
Put in the hustle or some might say, 'the goal',
People start at point A,
They'll get to point B, they just don't care how they get there,

The lie is the most beautiful truth,
Because it knows how hide it,
For a while until it is finally revealed,
It's in first encounters, things to make you feel good,
Lost acquaintences and even humble admissions,

You have no idea,
How high you can go,
And how low you could be sent,
But there is a in-between in this,
And that's how the creation is made,
Where doesn't matter,
When doesn't care,
And to whom it may concern,

You have just have no idea,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 878 times
Written on 2009-04-30 at 04:02

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