From a book I've been reading from George Foreman....

I put it all behind me.

I can't tell you when the victories came and losses began,
But I can tell you that I let it run my life, in a way,
I remembered and learned from my mistake, and sometimes, forgave,
But yet, I never fully let it go,
Out of anger, out of pride, who knows,
But through that, the remains linger to this very day,
I'm not a perfectionist and certainly not a slow-learner,
But I am a patient, yet subtle and sarcastic man,
And I do believe that small steps make gradual steps,

And from there, the healing and path can be revealed,

I think we lost some of our value in the decisions we have made,
Due to society and even peer pressure,
And from our natural ability to have ideas, opinions,
And our desire to defend these,
We have shut close our minds of other options,
And our need to agree has become even more strained,

People see time and progress,
As two-clicks or it's too late,
Results big or small,
Are time-progressing and small, but yet gradual progression,
And if you need proof,
Think about what you have turn down,
A goal or mission and figure out why,
I guarantee you what I just said was one of the reasons,

The path of change is right in front of us,
We have only to just focus,
And agreement is easy,
There just has to be common ground,
By just two parties with open-minds,
Instead of yes, cliche', clinched fists,
Because clouds of anger and despair,
Rains down acts of hasty decisions,
And short yet, weak results,

So who are we?, What are we meant to be?,
Ourselves, the last I checked,
Put the past behind you,
Let you actions work on the present,
And begin them with a smile,
Chances are it will end that way,
Even if you don't feel there is nothing to smile about,
Open your mind to words that may even piss you off,
Defend not to offend,
But understand what they mean and how and why,
They feel the way they feel,
And remember the common ground comes from more than agree,
You can agree to disagree, but understanding,

With knowing that hope is foundation of faith,
And vice-versa,
I know that I can put it all behind me,

the dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 953 times
Written on 2009-05-02 at 18:21

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
In our society, for some, there is a need to belong to something even if it means compromising morality and ethics. Somehow, it's easier to 'go along' than it is to stand up and be different. But for those who are willing to stand on solid ground and defend their beliefs there is a sense of empowerment.
It would a perfect place if we could defend without offending but I just don't think it's possible these days--even in the grocery line. Your text is one to set as a goal and strive each day to "put it all behind..."