thoughts and pictures playing through my mind  soothe me to serenity.

A Time for Joy

bare-chested babies toddling through soft new grass
cool damp earth, scents of nature, touch toes and noses
coral roses heavy on thorny green bushes
accessorise the landscape of mid Spring
as hens roam freely escaping the pen of safety
looking for more than just finely ground corn

tilled gardens freshly planted with crops for summer
beans, tomatoes, sweet corn, potatoes
watch as the toddlers fall upon the plowed furrows
wiping muddy hands on bellies and tasting the minerals
of the dark brown dirt. Oops, the tomato plant is now
laid in the footprint of an exploring cherub.

the tall leaning black barn offers a menagerie of memories
of times long before when now grown adults toddled after
grandpas out to feed the cows oats and grain and to check
on old Myrtle to see how she is coming in her quest to
bring life into the world. The barn cats scatter hiding
behind bales of hay and under the cracks in the
wooden floor.

Scents of manure, hay, and things unseen whirl about
in an array of conflicting and yet harmonious aromas.

criss-cross fences hewed from oak limbs add texture
and artistry to the lay of the land. hands blistered and tough
chopped, sawed, and laid each one perfectly into the crook
of the other. overalls, boots, and straw hats adorn the artist
while he does his work. Listen! do you hear his whistle?
Or is that the mockingbird watching diligently over this one
so close to her nest? It is harmonic as well.


Nature's harmony. Love of life. Songs of Love.
Peace of the soul.

Come now, hear what is being written and see what is
not there.

Clear your mind and wander through the sentences
written as they are and follow the toddler you choose.
Become her or him and smile, giggle, explore, escape,
and run through the furrows and feel the mud between
your toes.

It is a time for joy.

Words by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 618 times
Written on 2009-05-18 at 05:28

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Been there
Done that
got the memory.
I devoured every line, taking me back there again
with such eloquence and depth. I enjoyed it as a watcher
of the toddlers, taking in their innocent discovery and enjoyment of every detail of God's creation. I enjoyed it as a 4 year old girl, wandering through the chip yard where the wood was chopped for our heating and cooking stoves, past the chicken coop, past the outhouse and to the barn, where our cows were milked and our cats would rush to at milking time for a warm treat. I enjoyed every word, every line, every picture painted in my head as I read with pure pleasure. Ahhhh. Another masterpiece. Bookmarked as usual.

Sid Gardner
Wonderful descriptive writing.Such a joy to read.
Sid x.

melanie sue
These lines are wonderful natural expressions and they filled me up with their joy! A very pleasant read indeed. Some forget to smell the roses.....this poem is a good wake up call.

A glimpse behind the lines provides a picture of the utmost beauty of a place to wallow in like wanting to wrap oneself in a dream, you have lost none of your touch Kathey a joy as always.

Images are off the chart as usual. Amazing stuff.