Well I kinda wrote it as a song...
I think I wrote it when I was remembering an old friend or something... don't remember. Wrote it a while ago... I got to get back to writing constantly again... Even if its no good. Diamonds are compacted coal. Som


Never say forever
because time will tell

I'm always a liar
and I'll burn in hell

give me your heart
and I'll crush it to dust

I'd like to shine
but I'll only rust

I wish I wasn't useless
but I'd settle for gone

your hurting is hurting me
it goes on and on

things will neva change
but I want them to

I am so sick
of breaking you in two

everything's wrong
and nothing'll change

whenever we do
I'm back into pain

if death would solve it,
I'd gladly go

but as I thought it
I know I know

(that) you'd break
and I'd cry

your hear's the
one to fly

but things will never change
even if I want them to

I am so sick
in'and'out of love with you

so nevea say foreva
because time will tell

you'll be the liar
and we'll burn in hell

we have our hearts
and we crush 'em to dust

I wish we'd shine
but we'll only rust

I wish we weren't useless
but I'd settle for wrong,

'cause then there'd be
a point to singing this'song

things will never change
even if we want them to

I am so sick
of my hurt from you

everything's wrong
but do we want the change?

whatever we do
we're into pain

death won't solve it,
so lets not go

And I've thought it
I know you know

so we break
and we cry

and its not
us to fly

but things will neva change
do we want them to?

we are so sick
but we're together too

we'll never say forever
but we know its true

we're both liars
me and you

but we have our hearts
twined perpectually

all through the rust
we sine adn we're free

we aren't useless
I dont want us gone

so there was'a'point
to this all along.

Poetry by Andy
Read 932 times
Written on 2006-02-03 at 01:44

Tags Forever 

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im so bookmarking this one.

this would make an awesome awesome awesome song. definitely.--christie

You write really well, and wow that poem/ song was great!

That is an amazzzzzzzzzzing poem.
I love it.
I'm gonna read it again!

I love this one, Andy! You have such talent! And I agree, it would make a wonderful song. Keep writing! ::::}

That would definitely make an AWESOME song!!! I would listen to it over and over and over and over and-- well, you get the picture...

i like it :)...... "we aren't useless /I dont want us gone /so there was'a'point /to this all along. "

seems like a happy ending ~best wishes~ Angie