This is something that I chose to write about...Don't worry I did nothing of the sort....its just a thought that randomly came to my mind, with a little help..This is in a guys point of view by the way

Suicidle Gone Wrong

As I sit in the dark night
Listening to the melody of the silence
I wonder why He had created such things
That were just going to be abolished anyway

Did He enjoy the cries of horror?
Or the suffering we have to endure?
Does a smile spread across His face,
When our eyes dialate into the black nothing?

If he does enjoy that,
Then he will, mostly likely enjoy this
I take that silver knife that sits upon the counter
And put it slowly to my wrist

I think...
"No, that won't nearly be as entertaining as this."
So I put it to my throat instead.

I think again...
"Still not good enough."
So I put it to my chest
Above my red, beating heart

I smiled, and looked up into the heavens.
If I was going to die anyways
I will just save the energy He will lose later.
So I thrust the knife into my chest

It peirced my heart
And I screamed a bloodcurdling scream
Loud enough to make the dogs bark
Horrific enough to send a shiver down someones spine

The blood ran down my chest
Drenching my white shirt
I yelled into the sky
"You happy now?"

I fell to the ground in unbearable pain
Waiting for the end to come
I silently drifted off into the black
I will now wait for that bright light to appear

I opened my eyes to see white
I smiled a little
Then a heard a girls voice
"Is he going to be alright?"

It was my girl friend
I realized soon enough
That I endured all that pain, egony and adrenilin
Just to wind up in a god damn hospital.

He had sent me back

Fine, leave me
You won't have the option of sending me back the next time
When you really think I'm still needed here

Poetry by Sarah Mae
Read 586 times
Written on 2009-05-26 at 01:28

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Very nicely written
I love these lines:
"I realized soon enough
That I endured all that pain, egony and adrenilin
Just to wind up in a god damn hospital."

A nice write on a touchy subject