There are people in life who you do not meet often but leave a very big impact in your life.Contributions from such people are more recognised when they are no more....


Your smile welcomed me
when i came to visit you
with a fond hug
and peck
that melted my heart

Your advice
was worth hearing
your loving voice
caressed my heart

Your life's experiences
worth listening to since
with a smile
had the best of advice

Your creased face
showed more joy
than my soft face

Your life
was more than i can share
but your love
I can help spread

When you left
there was no replacement
because you were
one in all

I miss you

Poetry by boy
Read 1003 times
Written on 2006-02-04 at 14:18

Tags Missing  Love 

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Amanda K
sincerely missing you poem.good text.

( 'o' )


c g shankar
Dear boy, your poem 'I miss you' is very nice. Memories that are spelt out are poetic than when they are kept within. May I know your name my'boy'?

I agree how sad it is that we realise the value of people to us when they are gone. Truly heartfelt poem.

Veld Cooper
A lovely poem, from a loving grandson. Such a pity that we often have things unsaid when people we love are suddenly taken from us.