A start on my 14 part series,

S.O.L -Sonnets of Love.

Thoughts of Beautiful Days

As the sun rises and raises you from your slumber
I hope my wish has come true and sweet dreams embrace your memory
if that comes to pass, God is well on his way
To grant my wish for you a beautiful day.

A day full of smiles, laughs and jovial songs
under the tropical sky for which I long
but if my wish is not granted today
know that I wished for it anyway,anyday.

with cool breeze I send to you my thoughts
with the rays of the sun I long for your warmth
with rain I shed my tears
with the night I may disappear.

Of all God's forces the one for most I wish
is to send, with the weather, my heart with a kiss.

S. Mawer, 12.06.09

Sonnet by Steven Mawer
Read 831 times
Written on 2009-06-12 at 11:15

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