My life!

Inside me

Day in, day out
It's all the same
Wishing, hoping
But no change
I built this wall to get protection
Am locked inside to bear the pain

I can't breathe, can't breathe
Too weak to break free
Too lost to find the light
Guiding the way I'm not able to find
I'm sick of pretending, sick of the game
But not strong enough to pull away

You got lucky, that's what they say
You worked hard and it all paid
I keep quiet and smile when I want to shout
live one day as me and you will see
not everything is the way it seems

But once in a while there comes the time
Where I can leave it all behind
A whole night long you can make me forget
Reach my heart, make me drop the mask
I try to hold on but too soon it fades away
The morning comes
I have to go back to play

Poetry by Rebeca
Read 819 times
Written on 2009-06-24 at 17:35

Tags Life  Hopelessness  Change 

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chuma okafor
It is hardly deniable that systematic madness...that plagues the human mind and jerks back and forth between stark realities and clothed reveries,you are not alone,and you excellently captured the essence of life,hope, despair,mortal and immortal energy positively yet simultaneously streaming along romanticized paths...nice one