Well I login.
There you are!
My world will spin.
So dont go far.

You're on my screen.
I'm so glad.
But you dont seem.
Are you sad?

You are my friend.
I want to think this is real.
It wont ever end.
This is how I feel.

Then one day.
No reply.
I cant say.
I want to die.

I was banned.
Why this pain?
Was this planned?
This aint sane.

So I track you down.
My eyes go red.
You call me a clown.
So I kill you dead.

Noone know.
What I did.
So I wont show.
What was hid.

I login.
Who are you?
Worlds will spin.
Nevermind, you will do.

So tell me all.
Dont ever end.
This is my call.
To be your friend.

Your best friend.

Poetry by Lord DarkRaven
Read 794 times
Written on 2005-05-26 at 19:51

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