Giving birth can be exciting or sometimes not so exciting...

My baby

I suddenly felt a kick
then relaxed

A pain then came
and increased

I knew the time had come
maybe not anticipated
but it had come

I had to find a room
coz the 'shame'
i was about to go through
my eyes only should behold

I left the partying group
and ran to another room
which i found to be small
but sufficient

No midwife to help
i did not even want one
let me go through this alone
So i locked the door behind me
and got ready

the posture
had to be correct
the feet apart
now the real job

I did
with all my strength

I felt it coming out
but i knew there would
be a relief in the end

i felt the head was out
I just needed one more push

It came out fully
Then i looked
and saw

My small dirty baby
Conceive in my costipation
Delivered in the toilet!

Poetry by boy
Read 927 times
Written on 2006-02-06 at 15:33

Tags Baby 

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Amanda K
Loooooooool. That was kool.

"You have the power! You have to believe!"

Wow. Just. W-O-W. I laughed so much after I read it.

Oh what a bright way to sugar coat it. Gave me a hearty laugh