I'm stuck in a bottomless pit

Liking you is hurting me

Everything is falling apart

peice by peice till it crumbles

I wish that this didn't happen

I wish that you would stop

Just because everytime I hear you talk

I wish it were me that you were talking about

I never knew how much I liked you

Until now

"But it is to late"

That's what I tell myself

But nothing listens

I just fall

And I will keep falling

Since I don't think there is any ground

I'm just falling in a bottomless pit


Words by Courtney Marie Marion
Read 632 times
Written on 2009-07-13 at 23:12

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To like someone that has no interest is like putting a shovel in rock hard ground. You have your attitude and that's what is going to make or break you with or without them.