Not as true to me as some other poems I have written as of late, although the emotion can be tagged as mine. The words are a story. The emotion my life.


Sitting in this fragile void.
Awaiting the passing of Life.
Slowly I am surrounded.
Consumed by the smoke.
No longer a void but a trap.
I can feel it engulf me.

I fine myself with a jacket.
Clothed by insanity.
I break free, but barely
I am no longer constrained,
Yet, sanity remains out of reach.

My tears flow down.
Trickling down my cheek.
Painting it crimson with pain.
I am dieing.

My soul evacuating.
At last, I sigh with relief.
The end is near.

Life has passed.
I die finally

Poetry by Daniel
Read 954 times
Written on 2006-02-08 at 07:10

Tags Life  Death  Insanity 

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