This depicts how I felt when I wrote it so well. I sometimes feel this way still. I know it is almost stupid to say such things about one's own work but I really do like this one.


my wish is nothing but to break from these chains
these reality-containing walls
to free myself form the confines of my mind
if only that then nothing else

the pain is felt, acknowledged and forgotten
dismissed for there is no alternative
beyond myself I can be sure of nothing
nobody can be trusted for they may not exist

escape into my mind, swim amongst the thoughts
fantasies and adventures, all centered on me
If not me then something other, beyond this world
other, not caught within this trap

if only, if only I could say
but I cannot say, for I would not know what to say
I am trapped within my ignorance
that which only can be trusted, I do not know

I am tired of this existence, of this awareness called life
trapped within the uncertainty, what else is there
life is meaningless, yet that very fact gives it meaning
live your life for the others who cannot

Poetry by Daniel
Read 1169 times
Written on 2006-02-09 at 02:16

Tags Life  Lost  Confusion 

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This my cage is:
This my soul feels.
This my heart is.

Hey Danny....I sometimes feel like that too but I just wanted to let you know that as much as this cage is there,no one has the key except you.