A little ditty I wrote for fun, guitar had dust on it. ;-) Might add a bridge later but for now my fingers are sore!

The Coffee Song

Finished work, it's the end of the day
I pack my songs and books away
Tired but I'd do it over if I could
My boy is waiting in the carpark
From his eyes I see a small spark
When I get home, coffee never tasted so good

I ask what sort of day that he had
He shrugs and says it wasn't too bad
He smiles and I feel prouder than I should
We eat our dinner watch some tv
He curls up on the couch next to me
I sigh and think, coffee never tasted so good

I'm making lists of things to do
Don't have a minute to think of you
But if I had the time I'm sure I would
Another day back to the grind stone
So much in my head but when I get home,
It's the simple things, coffee never tasted so good.
I'm tired and wired, coffee never tasted so good.

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 551 times
Written on 2009-08-02 at 07:06

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I like this a lot, and I'd love to hear the melody that goes with it :-)

Brian Oarr
The poetry is grand and the coffee is good, but no Pollywaffles, Rache? I'm bummed! LOL

Coffee can make me ditty and jittery. I love my coffee abit too much. I have a mug of coffee very rarely a cup. Anyway this is a very enjoyable piece. Thanks for sharing.