Idle Hopes

I see the tears threaten to show when you touch her,
I know that rise of bile in her throat.
How can you live with yourself?
How can you pretend it doesn't happen?
Why do you do it?
Why did you take her life away?

She sits here, and the knife cuts deep,
Not deep enough, it never will be.
You used to be her evening star,
Now you're the eclipse to her moon

The knife cuts deep,
but it's more than just a blade
Every slice scars the memories,
until they're only scattered images

Scattered Images she doesn't have to make sense of
She doesn't have to put them together,
And she won't, and you'll get away with it,
Unpunished, unscarred, Unscathed
But not hidden, never hidden.

I see the hurt in her,
The rage grows in me
I see that rise of bile,
I yearn for a knife,

I want you to suffer,
because I can't fix it,
I can't fix it, and it's killing me
Ripping me apart from the inside,
Clawing at me like a caged thing
Because she is my friend,
but it's more.

I protect my friends
And I couldn't protect her from you
it kills me.

I see blood well up from the cut,
and feel the release.
I feel the best I have in years,
and it's because your gone.

Poetry by Lauren M
Read 439 times
Written on 2009-08-16 at 08:36

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