Just a compilation of feelings recently and right now. I like how I worded it, I just don't care for how it's formed at all. I don't feel it tells a proper story like it should, all the way through. Hopefully you guys will like it. Enjoy.

Crashing Pieces

Some days, all I do is wish.
Wish I could change,
Wish I could be different,
Wish I wasn't so damn strange,
I wish... it all meant something

Why can't everything be easy and simple,
Instead of so damn hard and crazy?
I don't know how or what to feel,
Am I even real?
Why does everything have to be so surreal?

My head is so empty,
And my thoughts so meaningless,
Why doesn't anyone believe me?
Why can't anyone see,
Just how hard and how fast I'm crashing?

Trying to be perfect,
Only love is worth it.
Giving up my heart and soul,
That was my role.
Now, all that's left are the shattered pieces.

Poetry by Raven Nero Michaels
Read 892 times
Written on 2009-09-02 at 12:29

Tags Life  Depression 

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