I think it turned out nicely. Just kinda writing up what I'm feeling right now...Which is just blah sadness, which sucks...makes good poems though.

Meaning (The Way I Am)

I believe life has no meaning,
all the regrets and all the sorrow.
Down my face the tears are streaming,
as I search for the answers into tomorrow.

No apology can take anything away,
so it doesn't matter what you say...
I wish sorry could mean something,
but in reality it means nothing...

Sorrow comes from evolution,
while death is an ultimate resolution...
Look closely and you can see the pain in my eyes,
and then you'll realize these aren't lies...

I've been bathed in shame,
and I'm the only person to blame.
Death is what I'm craving,
so you need to know there's nothing here worth saving

Life can go many ways,
though these are my final days...
it's just the way I am...

Poetry by Raven Nero Michaels
Read 965 times
Written on 2009-02-14 at 15:58

Tags Life  Sorrow  Personal 

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A beautiful write from the soul. I think it turned out nicely too. Yes, keep writing get that blah out. Smiling at you, sorry definitely does do the trick in fixing everything imo. Happy Valentnes and welcome to our wonderful bay of making poetic play, our way! Tai