Sometimes one wants to write but the poetic inspiration is not present and the mind seems to be is at this time that I wrote this piece..what i am not sure to date is "if not being able to write is an inspiration to write"...


What do i write?
How do i write?
Imagery is too plain
Words are no more

Ink-full pen in hand
but the paper is plain
just like the brain

Where is the creative juice?
Or is it the draught period?

There is no passion
and no emotion
Am I a dry poet?

Poetry by boy
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Written on 2006-02-11 at 08:36

Tags Poet 

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no you are no a dry poet i really like this poem!!! someday soon the right words will come to you i promise, but you just have it give it time!!! it took me awhile to think of my first poems, at first it is hard to get your feelings out the way you want them and you want them to sound and mean so much more than what you just write a first!!! keep writting poems like this they are really good i promise you!!! i hope you have better luck!! even though i personally think that you are really good i read some of your poems and i really like them!!!
amber lynn

Tell me about it! I liked the intro too! Nice work!

Morpheus I am not he only one who feels this way?!?!?! Thanks for putting that frustration into words...

I like it!!
we all have those days when we want to write but just can't... if dry just take a sipp of inspiration and start writing again friend =D