The Witch

The witch plucks some candy with her long fingernail
from the bowl on her round table
watching you little child, her helping hand,
so you better not fail
or she turn you into some of the shapes the candy were made
and the reward will be not to eat one
but to be one
...of spiderleg, frogeye and venomous snake
from the craniumbowl another long black liquoricesnake on her tongue she tastes
Her icy laughter falling down piercing through
the room like hail
Do you believe this Witche's Tale?
From ear to ear the tale was told
and from man to man from woman to woman from the Age's of old
the now ugly old lady from the beginning really was
in beauty standing bold
like the witches and murderers that really for the Herb's Knowledge
were stolen from us at the gallow's ends and scaffolds.
Do you believe everything you are told?
The witch some candy with her long fingernail plucks
laying down in her corner watching her maiden now grown up
her helping hand, that are now two, your mate she found,
o what luck
double the speed of work and food is endless
since by magic conjured up it never stops
...of sweetest drinks, most tasteful dishes and meals,
pastries and endless cakes
from the table she is satisfied but thinks...watching that lovely tail
her only worry is that you will get a taste for it
and forever f***...
Do you believe the witch or the maiden was in most luck?


Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1133 times
Written on 2009-09-30 at 23:11

Tags Humor  Sex  Erotica 

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jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
this is evocotive.
the first 7 lines are good...
just reminded me so well of childhood fears :)
and then such imagination follows.
much enjoyed.