march on

we march on everyday on this journey to that place of happiness
we march on because of a promise,
we make this journey'cause we are unhappy with where we've been
though its prophesised, we have no clue where we're going.

And my left foot moves with hope
right foot drags behind with sorrow
but i march on anyway
leaving no regrets for tomorrow
all this pain in me is released
head raised i'm moving forward
mind made up, heart turned to stone
fists clenched i will march on

we march on and though im not a soldier i'll become love's rebel
we march on into uncertainty
we take this fight on 'cause we are unhappy with where we've been
fighting a guerilla war we cant win.

and i load my arsenal,
hope as my sidearm, love as my dagger
i lie wait in the dark
infiltrating and fighting in close quarters
ive marched for so long
and i hope you can see my heart so wartorn
take a look behind me
and you'll see just what ive marched away from

Poetry by Steven Mawer
Read 665 times
Written on 2009-10-02 at 02:46

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