Eternity of Feelings

How much I long for love
Like butterflies in me
Or clouds drifting above
Always fluffy and free
You are what I need
The moments I have longed
If true your love's indeed
And no one has wronged

Like flowers of the soul
Those seeds will grow on
And have their fulfilled role
Long after time is gone
Be earth and river flowing
The grass the breeze swings
All thoughts endless going
With Pegasus flying wings

How much I long to give
A heart that has it all
And long long time shall live
To make its destiny's call
For I'll be truly to this
Give you my oceans deep
Love should be like abyss
Eternity of feelings to reap

Poetry by Peter S. Quinn
Read 529 times
Written on 2009-10-15 at 14:47

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