Sometimest, the days we treasure and expect them to be full of love turn out to be the days when we get the least love.Especially when the day turns out to be Valentines day.


The candle light
shines between us
reavealing a strange
and hidden
sparkle in her eyes

Her perfume
intoxicated me
to a romantic mood
without much effort

But it is was not joy
in her heart
but rather...
I fathom not

"Its best we part"
Is what i heard
on this auspicious
love day of Valentine

Oh how could she do that
on this day?
Is that love or loss of it?
But one thing Im sure
It was Valentines day.

Poetry by boy
Read 930 times
Written on 2006-02-14 at 06:23

Tags Valentine 

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wow that is sad, she doesnt seem like the dating type if she did that. i hope you have better luck and find that right girl!!! your poem was very good!!!
amber lynn

That not only sucks but is cruel as well. No one deserves that on such a day.

Wow, that sucks! She doesn't seem that nice if she did that on Valentine's day!! Hmm! But a good poem, very detailed.