a small bit of my first novel




"Please, you do not know what you are releasing upon the world, Mr Gardrener! You must not do this! She will destory you !

"Will you be quite you simpleton! I have to complete the spell!"

The Egyptian standing beside the tall man with the hair of gold and the horribly disfigured features cowed and covered his face. He did't want to see this.

"Oh Raven, great Goddness of the darkness awaken! Come from your tomb! Enter the mortal world!"

Partick Gardrener, once a brilliant up and coming scientist, now a bitter man consumed with the worst of hates and a hunger for revenge is about to make the mistake of his life. He is about to release Hell on Earth, the terror all men dream about, the terror every man prays will never come. She is known to one and all as Raven, Goddness of the Night.

Now as he performed the dance of eternal death and sang the song of the black bird, he thought about the people he most wanted revenge on. Their faces passed before his hatred filled eyes in a daze. Mitch, Anna, David, even Partrick's own child Lynn would have to pay the price for turning her back on him, her very own father.

They would all pay and pay dearly he vowed as his eyes fell upon a pitcure sticking out of his backpack. It was a recent photo, one he had cut out of the local paper from his time. in it Lynn was smiling broadly, long blond hair cascading out behind her in a riot of color, green eyes so like her fathers shining as she accepted the honor of being named Valley View High's 2003 prom queen.

The scientist's scowl deeped as he examined the picture more carefully, letting his anger take a even deeper root then ever before as thoughts of his enemies and all that he had lost because of them spun through his decaying mind like so many threads weaving together to create a pattern of evil.

Slowly as if he were crushing the life from those he hated. Patrick crumpled the newspaper clipping in his hand. Soon he told himself soon.

Patrick's thoughts of vengence were interrupted as from out of nowhere a loud rumbling began to echo throughout the tomb, disturbing its deathly quite aura of peace and blowing out the torchs along the walls, sending the room into pitch blackness.

No one moved, nor dared to utter a sound as they awaited what could only be the impending arrival of Raven.

The lights came back on with a snap as the whole tomb continued to shake and tremble as if with a life of its own.

Patrick's assisant groaned, falling to his knees in a fit of absolute and total terror, praying to whatever Gods might be listening. "Mercy, I beg you, have mercy! He does not know, he does not understand what she is capable of!"

Patrick laughed triumphantly, "Yes! Yes! The time has come! My revenge will have brith through Raven!"

Alone in the middle of the room, unmoved throughout the chaos that was shaking its home sat one loan coffin, draped with a cloth the color of blood, the image of a stark black raven stitched into the fabic, the coffin seemed to proclaim itself the resting place of the one and only Raven, Goddness of the Night.

All at once the shaking stopped and the room was silent once again except for the heavy breathing of the 2 men waiting for something, anything to happen. For several moments nothing stirred.

Finally, just as Patrick was about to turn to his assistant intent on blasting the stupid man out, the cloth covering the coffin fell to the floor. Slowly, ever so slowly the lid slid itself off.

Patrick was digusted. "Up!" he began to gather his gear. His trip had been useless. He would have to find another method by which to get his revenge.

"Master!" his aid screamed in mortal terror.

"Grief! You don't have to shout! I am in hearing distance you know!" He had intended on blasting the stupid man out once again, but the sight that greeted him when Partrick turned around robbed him of that notion and any speech he might have thought of making. He stood open mouthed at the sight of the giant raven before him.

Raven was everything he had been told and more. Much, much more. It was no wonder they called her raven. She was the bird, a thosand times over! Black down feathers covered her whole body, a long pointed beak forbid any words to issue from the humans before her and a set of massive razor sharp claws seemed to dare anyone to try and unsurp her power. For surely those who did try would be torn to bloody shreds, partrick thought in awe. The most starting feature however were her devilish red eyes which at the moment gave no sign as to what the queen of darkness might be thinking.

Then she spoke, "Hello flesh creatures."

authors note-more to come when raven goddness of the night flys onto book shelfs in book stores near you!


Short story by ramona thompson
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Written on 2006-02-15 at 18:46

Tags Fury  Evil  Horror 

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