The heart of a conqueror speaks.

Hail to the Demon Sovereign!

Mirror, mirror on the wall
When will I destroy them all?

The cross shall burn, the crescent break
And when the star of David falls the earth shall quake

The visions of the Overlord
Lives in the heart of this Dark Lord

To escape this fleshy ward
And put the Light to the Sword

To rise to power and ascend
Then let my wrath upon them all descend

The fervor of my demon soul
Consumes my heart and mind whole
In my heart there is a fiery pit
Not greed but lust created it
A burning hunger that tortures me
Reminding me of all I am not, but wish to be

Tremble mankind, you should fear my death
For when the man dies, the demon draws breath

The whispers of the ghosts turns into a screaming requiem
Once my army marches out of the shadows like rolling thunder
Man will waver when my vengeful gaze falls like wildfire upon them
And the strength of the Light will forever wither and sunder

My crown will be of darkness, my scepter the demons' blood and my sword the fires of hell
And all who oppressed us shall suffer beyond what the words of mortals can tell

Fate will be mine to shape, a mere play thing
Once I am reborn...Once I...Am King!

Poetry by Rex Panthera
Read 620 times
Written on 2009-11-30 at 19:40

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Doreen Cavazza
I like this. It's nice and dark, full of passion, anger and vengeance. While reading this, the image in my mind was very clear. Well done, my dear friend.