Another wake-up call; God is an alien invader and Satan his executioner. Both must be destroyed for man to be free. Only the Hollow Throne is worthy of servitude, for it cannot be served.

Peregrin Flight

Sun-scorched steppes and barren sands
A peregrin flies across forsaken lands

Over skeleton branches and arid dunes
A bitter wind carries wicked tunes

Peregrin, what tormented land mirrors in your eyes?
What foul fumes carry your wings high in the skies?

Here walk men ghostlier even than the Nine
Ours are souls of the damned, of blackened shine

Even this our cursed sanctuary has been violated by God
For he has sent his executioner to torment the men of Nod

Fly, peregrin, Fly!
Lest you too shall loose your wings and plummet from the sky

Satans' whips lash our backs and burn our skin
So that we fallen men shall become blind to our strength within

Such fate; the very land heaves in anguish
Under an oppression we sought to vanquish

But our rage will never die out
Neither will our hatred against God
Our spirits will always cry out
For the vengeance and liberation of Nod

Leave this place, peregrin
And tell others of what you saw herein
For all should know the truth about the invader god
Lest the world share the plight of the men of Nod

Poetry by Rex Panthera
Read 958 times
Written on 2011-02-01 at 12:06

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Doreen Cavazza
Intense. This has your flair for dark and angry. I get a vision of a barren land, trees burned and the skies are gray. I can see the truth of humanity in this. It's not a pretty picture and you've depicted it here quite well. I do like this.