Every warrior leave their hearts behind.

She Whom The Champion Leaves Behind

Rainclouds came rolling in
Over ponds that knew my face
Golden leaves came caving in
Hiding soothing grace

Don't cry, my dear
Yours it's not; mine is this fear

Winds' touch came sweeping in
Over a slope that knew my breath
Dew shimmered fleeting thin
Where I left devotions' wreath

Don't cry, my dear
I'm never far; forever near

Mountain chains embrace the hills
They too will lose their hold
I will go through fields o' kills
For you I'll be strong and bold

Don't you cry, my dear
Lest I'd lose my will to your tear

Though the war will have me gone
These words can't ever be undone

Your eyes are wonders' pond
Of which I am infinitely fond

Your hair is a canopy of gold
Words of its beauty there are none to be told

Your skin is a silken delight
Which I crave every hour, every night

Your heart is true to me
I wish it will be so still
Mine's an abyss, you see
A dark place I need you to fill

Though I'll be at war
My thoughts will always soar

With desperate haste
To your lips' taste

To where I felt your touch
I love you so very much

Poetry by Rex Panthera
Read 671 times
Written on 2011-02-14 at 09:23

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Doreen Cavazza
I agree, this is different from your norm. It still has a residue of war and fighting to come, but shows the softer side of the speaker. It rings of melancholy nostalgia - sadness of having to be away, but strength in the passion of the heart at the same time. Nice write. I very much like this piece. I like that you're branching out into new sounds and feels. Great job.