Born in caverns steeped in darkness
Sired by the Spider Empress

A monstrous heart forged in searing pain
Harboring in it the demons' rain

Seek refuge in my shadow, children of the dark
I come to liberate you, to ignite the revolutions' spark

I am the burning red eyes in the gloom
My enemies' approaching doom

I am the bane of heroes and gods
A lone survivor against all odds
And all your hope shall perish when
I come to devour the world of men

The only light I'll bring will be the glow of flames
I will resurrect those who have no mortal names

I will lead the armies of darkness in this my sacred charge
With unholy fervor shall we shatter every sword and targe

As my abysmal hate and wrath descends in a fiery barrage
All shall come to know that I am Hells' vanguard and visage

A beast of demonic might and arcane spell
The last living dragon of Hell

Men shall tremble and the earth shall quake
As they look in despair to the skies screaming; "Firedrake!"

Poetry by Rex Panthera
Read 580 times
Written on 2009-12-17 at 17:07

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Doreen Cavazza
I love this! It brings such vivid pictures to mind. You have spun a web of incredible imagination and talent with this one. Well done, my dear friend, very well done.