a poem inspired by a very dear friend

Perfect Love

Morning has crept through the night to bring her sun out
The clock on the table senses the daylight and begins to buzz
She stirs in her sleep, hoping to ignore the signs of a new day
The sun brings forth chirping birds and playful creatures
She realizes there is no delaying the clock

Following the sun, the new day peeks out from the clouds
Car horns echo in the air
Workers hammer nails on a nearby house
She showers, refreshing her mind and spirit
The shuffle of little feet can be heard throughout the house
She paints a smile on her face and sees the world anew today

Clouds seem to scatter in the sky
Giving full territory to the Sun
No threat of rain or storms lies in sight
Her eyes are on the boy who is standing near the playground
His face glows as he frolics amongst the children
She feels her heart skip a beat when he turns to smile at her

To the world she is a simple girl
To the un-keen eye she is all alone
To others she is a free spirit who lives to bring life to others
Then again there are those who only believe what they can see

When the real identity of this girl lies solely in her heart

The world does not see that the boy at the playground is the love of her life
The un-keen eye does not see that the boy on the playground is in fact the man in whom she is destined to be united with
The others fail to see her life breathes off of the love that the boy nurtures her with
Then again there will always be those who fail to see a Perfect Love

Poetry by Jen
Read 766 times
Written on 2006-02-17 at 15:55

Tags Love 

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Zoya Zaidi
In her heart of heart she knows,
She has found her love,
This love stands in front of her,
To her he is always close,
He ushers in the day to her,
He goes to bed with her at night,
In her thoughts he always with her,
In armour her shining knight!

((((Hugs dear Jen what a poem bright)))))

Love, xxx, Zoya

oh wow,its really good,a great definition of perfect love.