Hear my Plea.....

Dear Breathe,
whisps of air that flee the throne of life,
escape with ease
trouble not his frail body.

Dear Heart,
beats of life that revitalize the body,
pump steadily
cause not great pain within.

Dear Eyes,
ticket to the visions unknown,
see the colors
cause not forbidden sight.

Dear Mouth,
words of the untouchable soul,
speak with wisdom
cause not mute speech.

Dear Body,
figure of a miniature adult,
live to the fullest
cause not a baren river.

Dear Father,
beholder of they lamb,
protect his being
take not his Life.

Poetry by Jen
Read 895 times
Written on 2006-03-01 at 20:24

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Christian Ward
Wow! Damn this is good! Loved the imagery, so deep and visual, loved the line 'figure of a miniature adult'