My heart is just filled to the brim today.............needed to express it! :) So if you are reading - my tid-bit for you, SMILE - and let others see happiness in your life!!!! ((and I hope I don't bore ya'll..........but more so it was for me to vent -

Reasons to Smile

Love - ahh...yes.....that four letter word. Its very short, very simple to spell. We all know its an emotion. Yet I must say its the hardest thing in life to understand and find. I mean - Love. Between two beings......thats the greatest thing in life, right? To find the one true person in which you are meant to be with??? That one One thing that we ALL need to survive. Yet, its the one thing that is most difficult to find. I mean - you see it everyday. People leaving one another, "falling out of love" so they call it..........................One thing that scares someone such as myself.

As a matter of fact - - I'd become very close to this one person over a period of a year. Now....we were just best friends. We called eachother just friends, however we often talked of "what if" (he was from a different culture, and so things b/n us would have never worked) - - Now he then left - and I was left in shambles. I'd built this foundation with someone - and I wasn't sure how I could do that with someone else....and have Love there as well.

In the midst of picking up my pieces - - someone who was there all along, started helping me pick up those pieces. Now he was distant, bc he'd moved away on business.....yet he was there everyday.....talking to me via phone and online. He made me realize that life is full of routes....its just up to us to take the right one. If by chance we fail, then simply turn around and do it again. Don't just fumble around......Keep going.

In those 3 months of constant talking....I never dreamed that today I'd be saying "I want to Marry Him".................Not only do I have the foundation (that I'd feared I'd never have again) But I also have the passion and the love to go along with it. And I must say, this is THE most amazing feeling ever. I feel as though I'm walking around with smiles 24/7.

When I'm with him....I get so caught up in it all.....and I get this sensational rush through my blood. Then when I'm away....I think "Is this really happening"........I've never been sooo happy in my life - And I thank God most of all for that!

::SMILE:: Whats the worst that can happen? How can you not, with a heart like mine today..............I can't keep from it!

(thats actually how we all should live) :)
~ Jen

Words by Jen
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Written on 2006-03-06 at 17:32

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Hey ! ... Agree with ALL what U said . Nice touch mate ... but your so right though . There are so many songs , and i guess poems , written about that 4 letter word , its amazing . I won't go on , but nice read T .... Glen ( GB )