Ephemeral Dream

In the smile of someone who just tasted sadness
there is the greatest,the most beautiful joy
over the tombs of ourselves there's smoke,there's steam
and we still mourn over an ephemeral dream.

How come humans have never learnt up to now
that their life is but an acrobat on a rope
it can break, and the acrobat can fall on his next leap
but we still break down because of our ephemeral dream.

Lovers and friends never come back when they say goodbye
because goodbye is too hard to be said by someone that loves us
back in our books, literature, poetry, prose and tears
we are looking for consolation on our ephemeral dreams.

We chase the big nothing to consume a something
and never watch how the sky is falling down on us
in corridors and caves, in prairies and seas
we fall behind our sad,depressing,heart-breaking ephemeral dreams.

Poetry by Eva
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Written on 2009-12-25 at 15:08

Tags Life 

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i could really relate to what you were feeling when you where writing this one...and the reference to man standing on the rope was perfect for the situation....seriously good work....i know it doesn't need any approval or anything from anyone but....it truly is one of the best poems i have ever read....so keep up the good work.....

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Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
At least an ephemeral dream in the background is healthier that one held too tightly, and with so many variances within individual human beings, one can never be truly certain just how harmfully potent any delusion longing may be.

All the same; your words provoked important considerations. Thank You from a dreamer. : )