A Farewell

Empty halls and silent calm, haunted by ghosts of happy memories
I walk them now, a spectral visitor, bidding what was farewell
How those few shards of paradise, made me forget the unforgivable atrocities
I hope you'll be safe and far away, when I return with fire as the prophets tell

How many times have I wished to caress your cheek, yet haven't
How many times have I wished to kiss your lips, yet haven't
How unbearably did my heart not ache when you weren't near
How deeply did the pain not rend, when true became my fear

I do not understand how you could forgive my sinful soul
For that I thank you, but your blindness took a heavy toll
I grew to love you, with all my being
Yet my chivalry was utterly decieving

Who have ever heard of nobility among demons and devils?
How could I ever alter my nature, infused with abysmal evils?

Yet In this my last I wish you to know me both as I am and as I were
And know that your eyes made my heart with joy ever stir
I am afraid I must forsake my gift of companionship
Though you will always have my undying love and friendship

How dear our never-dawning future, how precious our past
Where I go you mustn't come, this will be my last
My star and jewel, hope and love, I wish you well
I will remember you fondly in my solitude on the throne of Hell

My Melmír, my love, farewell
I now return to my place in Hell

Poetry by Rex Panthera
Read 562 times
Written on 2010-01-18 at 09:20

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deeply passionate..
nicely done.