Life doesn't hand you promises of the good life.Life hands you challenges that we face and events make you a stronger person even in your darkest hour.But we all can stand up again when life strikes you down:)

~*Life Doesn't Come Easy*~

Have you ever drowned in a single tear
fearing the loss of self discovery
Parts of your mind disappear

Every problem you encounter
you have to believe strengthens
your mind and soul
And every challenge you overcome
increases your understanding of life

When all your problems weigh heavy
upon your shoulders
remember every burden
you can always stand tall

You are stronger then you think
Life throws curve balls,you may even strike out
but we as human beings
we always hit a home run
and home is where your heart is

You are never given anything
that your heart can't handle
It is part of life

Live each day like there is no tomorrow
that you can make a difference
Even when the world seems dark and gray

Loving yourself does come easy
if you let love in unconditionally
Remember it's not who you know that matters
But who you are on the inside that counts

Don't worry about how many goals you reach
but how many lives you touch

Life doesn't come easy,we all know this
Just don't dwell on the accomplishments
you haven't fulfilled in your life
But on how much you give to others
is rewarding enough

Poetry by workoutrules
Read 448 times
Written on 2010-01-27 at 14:50

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nice verry nice poem

Karl-Johan Englund
OK, I'm working night shift and have some time to read. I just printed out your poem and will tomorrow morning when getting back home put it up on the wall as a good reminder. Your words soothen. Thank you.