another poem that I found from 2009 ,,,,just my mind doing jumpin jacks :P

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Never have I felt so anxious
Thoughts racing manically
I want my way out of this
But I'm such a quitter
I feel like...
Damn I will never
get better

I need to get better
Manic thoughts tell me different
Reach for the Hell
or reach for the heavens above
It doesn't take me long
to change a mood
I am up and then I am down
Roller coasting my mind
around and around, up
and down

I don't know what to feel anymore
At times I don't know who I am
One minute life is wonderful
Then in a snap, my life
is worthless

Their is a labal attached
What the...
" Professionals assume I am "

Yes I am bipolar?
No! I am a split personality?
I like to cut my mood in half

What do I think about
their professional

They can take their medical research
All their hard work diagnosing who I am
And shove it......... ...... .......

Label Attached : B.i.p.o.l.a.r


Poetry by workoutrules
Read 829 times
Written on 2015-02-27 at 02:32

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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
Well done my friend all your poems are so beautiful

I love it. Great job of using humor to deal with a serious situation. The highs are so very good ... but oh the lows must follow! It's not an easy way to live. I don't know that the professionals really understand much of what goes on in our brains, but it's all we have, and they can bring relief with their little pills. Good writing with this subject.