God Is My Witness

I still remember the dark dirty trail
The sweaty hand over my mouth
Trying to scream for help
The help never came

The pain I felt with every
part of my clothes getting
ripped off,never have I
felt this kind of pain

I thought I was going to die
I froze in fear
The dreams, my hopes
were no more

I laid their wondering what
my family and friends will think
Finding my lifeless body
On the trail by the beach

The world was crashing down on me
I prayed to make the pain stop
I prayed that I would die
When I stopped screaming
I thought I was dead

Everything went black
I thought this was the end
I opened my eyes
I realized I was
still alive

No one should cause this pain
This pain is my life sentence
Rape has been a part
of my life

God is my witness

Poetry by workoutrules
Read 776 times
Written on 2015-01-26 at 04:03

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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
I am so proud to know you in real all your poems are so beautiful.You make me cry on most of them but i just love them.

This is a very good poem. I have been reading it since you wrote it, unsure of what to say. It is painful, but when you wrote these two lines:
"No one should cause this pain
This pain is my life sentence"
you left me speechless ... until I knew I had to let you know the effect these words had on me. You are right, of course, what those two lines, and the rest of the poems says.

Experiences - z .

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
To be able and strong enough to scream is a good thing and to feel like dead can also be that you can be reborn Pain is a signal to your brain from your body when your body asks your brain for help You can respond to that signal of pain with soothing tricks and keep responding that way every time you feel that pain eventually your brain will recall the soothing tricks before you even have the chance to experience that pain again via recollection;) that's what I think thank you for sharing girl! :)