I need a heartbeat


There is a morning where everything goes perfectly right. A morning where nothing can go wrong, it can't go wrong. The smell of bacon in the kitchen, as when I was little. The loving one who stood in the kitchen, I was blinded with love as if there was no tomorrow. To have eaten a healthy meal and get into a car, white as the heaven. The moon was shining bright that night to light up our road. The rain dripping down like jelly of love.

One heartbeat beside me, loved one.

I heard a scream which pierced through my right ear, a car straight into the front. The loving one flying trough the window, a moment of silence. The scream was no more, the engine...stopped. Draining my lust of dying, running to the loved one. Everything changes, every vision had changed.

The rain which was jelly turned into razors, pierced through my flesh.
The Moon laughing, spitting blood.

The heartbeat beside me, loved one.. was no more.

Short story by The L
Read 460 times
Written on 2010-02-28 at 00:34

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