A short story of what a home really is, perhaps you have other ideas of what a home really is, share them.


You said to me " A home is a place where someone thinks of you".

You said that right before you left me, left me without a second though, without thinking of what I would do or what would happen. That summer night right before the greatest night of all times, you ran off in the white dress you showed me even though you said I shouldn't see it.

You said that sentence and you ran away, to where? I do not know, but if you think of someone long enough, perhaps they will return.

I think of you.

I have thought of you ever since that day before the greatest night in our lives.

I would never leave you, I will always think of you, forever, perhaps some day you will return to me.

Why would you leave when you said that this, with me is your home?

Short story by The L
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Written on 2010-04-05 at 20:38

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