Intimate infinities

The sign of love is more than just a feeling,
it is destiny itself intruding in your life
with over-evident manifestation,
shocking miracles and revolutionary turns,
that must inevitably change your life
into a new direction
of a new established love.
I don't know how you did appear from nowhere,
but you undeniably are there,
and I can never leave you,
since the risk of any harm or torture
is excluded from the start between us,
which provides us with a world of possibilities.
So let's just keep that course,
abandoning ourselves to joys of love
in this new universe between ourselves
of intimate infinities of love.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 517 times
Written on 2010-04-14 at 10:15

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So many has asked for the definition of love this is the best explanation i have ever read. Absolutely beautiful in truth!!!