I miss you.

I saw your tears
I felt your fears
Each day goes by still no one cares
Just the regular cold and empty stares
But to me you were so much more
To me you were the world

Now the river flows from a different source
From my own eyes it now runs its course
I saw the bullet
I saw my end
I saw you stand in front me then
I saw you buckle as it hit
I saw you fade into that pit
I can't take it, I miss you...

I look at you now on this hospital bed
Fading, falling, it's your deathbed
"At least now you'll grow and bloom"
You said that dreadful day you saved my life
"At least now they'll see the life I lead,"
"Was worth something, at least to someone"
If it means anything now, it did to me.

Poetry by Hasani
Read 1172 times
Written on 2006-02-28 at 01:08

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Amanda K
Sometimes sadness and tragedy have their beauty. It was pianful but yet there was something gorgeous out of it.


So sad
still it touches me

Bella Laluna

Zoya Zaidi
A very heartfelt write dear Hasani,
To be saved by a loved one, is very lucky,
You are eternally greatful to to the unlucky,
Who laid down his life, saving thee,
Now you have make your life,
Worth while the saving, you owe it to him,
You owe to the one who so lovingly saved thee...

((((((Hugs Hasani, and welcome to the Bay)))))

Love, xxx, Zoya