This in one i did for my first Grandchild, who i have been promising to paint her protrait for a while now, which will happen hopefully, in the near future, along with my other grandchild.

Little Precious

For one so tiny,
And so innocent
You are now here with us
From heaven you were sent
Did an angel wake you
Did she take you by the hand
Did she tell you
How your life was planned

As you lie sleeping,
Where do you go?
Do you play with the fairies
That I played with long ago
Getting up to mischief
Is ok in your dreams
So many different colours
So many different themes

Little precious when you cry
I'll wipe a tear from your precious eye
You were always meant to be
Faith Emily

Sonnet by peter williams
Read 828 times
Written on 2010-07-16 at 09:08

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