I am nothing...

I am a stranger to myself
An outsider before my own eyes
Standing entirely alone in a cold world

I am my own enemy
Not trusting myself a single second
Crying silently with divided thoughts

I am an almost lost soul
Floating around in the ocean of grief
Drowning in the tears of regret

I am a lacerated spirit
Not more than dust in this spiteful universe
Crawling in the dirt of my own mistakes

I am so confused
But still I am focusing on the light
Struggling towards the end of the tunnel

Poetry by Oskar
Read 879 times
Written on 2006-02-28 at 21:29

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Amanda K
metaphores were used talently in the poem. in every stanze, you were depciting the idea of emptiness but i liked when u ended with some hope.


otteri selvakumar
It is very very good poem...for oskar...

Hi Oskar.This is really really deep and I feel almost as if I am there with you.Your soul may be almost lost,but still not yet....and the fact that you are still focusing on the light has made you my personal hero.BRAVO.

Niice nice ^^