Censoring the last word of title so all eyes dont see it.
I hope this poem gives out as much hope to you as it does to me..

Chained By The Faith Of The...

Chained By The Faith Of The Damned

The Truth Collapses
Under the Pressure of What my expectations are...
And what my expectations should be.

The Walls Are Crumbling
Within these Rooms i created lies Destruction
Within these walls Lies the chamber of my heart

Something A Little Twisted
As my soul starts to catch fire from her sins
As my heart Bursts into the flames of death...

Death Brings Life
Resurrected By the Motions of your Healing Hand
Resurrecting Hope that has been Gone For To Long

Motionless Turns To Motion
Beating Once more before the open sky...
Beating as the shadows of death Dissipate

* A poem dedicated to my feelings.
To the thought of true happiness
To the love of my life.
Thank you.

Poetry by Nei
Read 780 times
Written on 2010-08-01 at 18:50

Tags Relationships  Sex  Sadness 

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In this sense "Damned" is not a curse word. It isn't being used as an adjective or expletive. It's a noun. Your poem is positive, and the title is great. Thank you for posting it here.