Not my best work

The Cure


Unattainable;; Forgotten
Even the soul Craves a cure
Love, A Carcass in the road
Long Before it Matured

God; The Question:
Can i still be saved?
Sins; Death, The Cure
If Only It Was Pure

The Past;; A Nightmare
Keeping My spirit From his love
Only The Devil Provides

Pain;; Depression.
Could you stay alive?

Petals, Desire
The Fire in My soul.
Redemption; Hope
Striped away with my soul

Attempt; Failure
A Remembrance that flays to well..
forgiveness;; Betrayal
As i let him in...

Questions unanswered...
Riddles unspoken...

Poetry by Nei
Read 630 times
Written on 2010-08-16 at 08:44

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It's good to acknowledge that this is "not my best work." It is not good to kid yourself and think everything that flows from your pen is a masterpiece. So, you're on the right track. This is a good poem. Give it a little time, come back to it. Edit it, work on it, and it may become an excellent poem. Then you can say, "This is my best work."