based on a true story

His Karmageddon...of eden

Now you get back what you put out, its just a fact of life/
karma will get you hit if your not acting right,
its all over before you even get a chance to cry
I've known cats who didnt get to see the flash of light
one second he's flippin the next second he's hit and
the shooter popped six to make sure he won't live
he shook then let go of his stress took his last breath
as his soul rose through the holes in his chest
i wonder did his pops feel pain at the same instant
that his son was slain another day missed and its sick
as he lay bathed in his own blood
I also wonder if he ever really gave a shit
he never gave a fuck stuck in his own ways
he would have never changed
it hurts for me to say it but the truth still remains
now put yourself in the shooter shoes
you mans getting stomped in the face,
what the fuck would you do?

Poetry by Beatrida
Read 585 times
Written on 2006-03-01 at 01:48

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