another verse and hook of a song about having to do what you have to do.

Firl flip

Into the fire I was flung and fucked since the first time air entered my lungs, I've been cursed burnning through life high slummin but I've learned alot and through it all I've become alot wiser its time
to get it on
grinding up a hustle you'll find me in the struggle
trying to move weight just like a muscle working a double shift and runnin the risk that comes w/ it up late tuggin a grip till I'm done w/ it come get it
cop again it's gone and I'm on a trip hungry huntin for the money that I cant get but I cant quit its that sick once a little hits the hand a pittle flips in the plan and thats it
I just hope and pray that who ever's looking over me can
understand the ways of the game and keep me safe cuz I'm on a mission to see a day when I can sleep knowing that my people dont need a thing its that deep

sometimes I feel like Im a firl flip away from watchin my world slip away and some would say that I've lost my mind but sometimes its the only option that I have left so stoppin's just not in the plan yet bottom line

Poetry by Beatrida
Read 637 times
Written on 2006-03-02 at 07:26

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