Mind & heart, reasoning & desires, yearnings & responsibilities, are always at war with each other...Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide whom to listen to...?


Mind and body,
Body and soul,
Heart and body,
Heart and soul,
Mind & heart,
Desires and reasoning,
Wants and responsibilities,
Emotions and intellect,

Are always at war with each other!

What is poor heart to do?
And I, a mere observer,
(Yet in the throes of life),
Stand on the shores of Time,
Stare into the vast ocean of life,
Stretching far into the horizons wide,
And think:
How to stay this racing heart?
How to stay this raging mind?
How to satisfy my desires?
How to 'not' satisfy my desires?
How to listen to this reasoning?
How to listen to my mind, which
Says one thing, and my heart
Says another thing...
Listen to your heart,
And your mind says: "No!"
Listen to your mind,
And your heart says: "Oh!"

How to resolve this eternal dilemma,
Of mind and heart?

Then sometimes there is Catch-22 situation,
On one hand is a pit-less abyss,
The other a raging, deep, tumultuous sea,
Either way you are doomed, caught
Between the proverbial 'Devil and the deep Sea'

Sunsets in the horizon,
Crimson, yellow, orange, gold...
While I, stand on the shores of life,
Stare into the vast Ocean of Time,
Nay, swim into the storming sea...
And think...
Struggle to be free...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyrightę: Zoya Zaidi

*Inspired by Alarian's poem " Suicidal competition", though the thought process has taken another turn, half way through...Poem has nothing to do with suicide...I dedicate it to him! Thanks Albert for inspiration!

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 857 times
Written on 2006-03-15 at 03:16

Tags Dilemma 

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"Emotions and intellect /
Are always at war with each other!"
"Struggle to be free..."
This is so true! Every person must recognize this.
There is so much happening inside of the human mind, that we need to express and talk about.
Very good thinking & writing Zoya!

Very true.....now that I think about it, the only reason that I am ever thinking and ever writing poetry is because every aspect of what I believe in is at war with each other.A deep poem, Zoya...deeply inspiring

Malin Johansson
This was really good, I must say I am at that place rught now, A big struggle between the mind and heart, and it's hard.
But this poem of yourse Made me see that It's really there, the feelings of struggle between to parts...

This part was heartbreaking to read, because it real!!!

How to listen to my mind, which
Says one thing, and my heart
Says another thing...
Listen to your heart,
And your mind says: "No!"
Listen to your mind,
And your heart says: "Oh!"

Thankyou Zoya for a good write :)

((( Hugs )))

Beautiful... *Speachless*

Yet another precious look into the mind and heart of a woman of complete beauty and strength. You should not have to reason between these two, but be enjoying the blessing of love, peace, joy, faith, grace and goodness in all things of this life! You, my sister deserve it all in great measure for the size of your heart and depth of your mind deserves as such!

Love to you Zoya
All the days of this life


whats left to say?

this is probably the most brilliant piece of poetry ever! simply brilliant!

Zoya Zaidi
Hi, folks, I'll be away for a couple of days attending my friend's wedding, see you all the after tomorrow night. In the mean while, my "MIND AND HEART" will keep you company.

(((((((Hugs to all of you)))))

Love, xxx, Zoya

Very beautiful and thought-provoking!! Bravo M'dear!

a really powerful poem you've done it once again ^^ , and how I feel like you describe it, sometimes the heart wants one thing the mind another...

how to choose between them one can't have the right answer...

wow zoya,its powerful,im always stuck with stupid dilema's,what to follow? i love this... *bookmarked*

it is so beautiful...

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey Zoya thank you for saying what i always knew but couldnt find the words

rgds mike

Enter the emotional quagmire at ones peril, confusion reigns and reason takes flight, an excellent write Zoya.

Absolutely right!

otteri selvakumar
I love your

Mind and heart

Lovingely poem...