Can't fall asleep...

It's so hard

It's hard, it's so hard
To be in pain
When you're longing for your love
And it's all in vain

Will there be a tomorrow?
Or is it all the same
Waiting in the dark
Not knowing what happened
Who is to blame?

I'm dreaming every night
Of times past, of times present
Never dream about the future
Is it gone, am I stuck within my mind?

Poetry by Richard
Read 495 times
Written on 2010-08-16 at 23:46

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Very well written.
Best thing to do is never blame. It never fetches us anything. I am going through the same phase and what soothes me is to preserve and remember those glory days which I experienced. Be fair to yourself and please try to find happiness in your present.

I really felt each line. Very nice poem expresses on a real sufferance between heart and mind

jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
a well known feeling that passes...
or else we would all be dead already...
be kind as you can be and be patient.
it's life :) as we know it...